Weight Loss and Energy Healing – How Does It Work?

Yes, Energy Work or Energy Healing works equally effectively for weight reduction. This is of a particular interest of people who have busy and sedentary lifestyle. Also, people with medical issues who need to lose weight but cannot, can benefit a lot from this method.

Lifestyle changes would give a boost to this method. It is a wonderful discovery made in this era. May be the need of the age has brought the energy healing method for weight loss into existence.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a method of improving one’s physical, emotional and psychological health by working on the energy body of a person. The e.body interpenetrates the physical body and extends beyond it by a few inches. Krilian photography has shown that the disease first manifests in the e.body and then on physical body. Both are very much inter-related and therefore, by treating the e.body, one can treat the physical body.

What kind of methods are used to work with Energy Body?

There are a number of methods available today that work on energy body and thereby improve physical wellbeing. The e.body gets energy from sun, air and earth, which means, taking a sun bath, walk in open air and walking barefooted on ground can also improve the wellbeing.

The E.Body is also affected by the thoughts. Therefore, affirmations work wonderfully in improving one’s health. Prayers also work well because of this principle.

How can Energy Body be treated for weight loss?

This is the question that I had before a recent experience. Energy body is not visible and does not have any weight as such, then how can it be treated for weight loss?

Yes, it can be treated and the results are phenomenal. It works in two phases.

Phase 1Removal of thoughts and elements related to Compulsive Eating and Fear: All the negative thoughts and negative elementals related to compulsive eating and related to fear are removed from the energy body and the energy centers. The clearing is very important. Once the clearing is done, it is checked periodically if the presence is found again. Checking and clearing every two days in the beginning of the treatment proves effective.

Phase 2 – Increasing Metabolism: This is where magic is observed. Various energy centers that control the metabolism are serviced. Diseased energy is removed and clean energy is poured in the energy body. This is again monitored every two days.

Using the above mentioned method, the weight can be effectively controlled using energy healing. One of the recent experiences show reduction of two Kg weight after two (2) sessions (5 days) with no significant change in lifestyle implemented.

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Benefits In Bone Healing’ Clinical Evidences

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) is an electrical instrument used to generate specific kind of magnetic fields that can influence the physiology of the human body. Each magnetic pulse generated by PEMF stimulates a tiny electrical signal in the cells of the body resulting in stimulation of the repair process. PEMF is a non-invasive instrument with established safety. FDA approved devices of PEMF are available for stimulating the process of bone healing.

PEMF and bone

Healing of the injured tissues is a normal process, which does not require outside stimulation in most of the cases. However, healing process of bones is very slow, especially in elderly people and people with diabetes. Almost 8 million fractures are reported to occur in the United States annually; among which 5-10% fractures show delayed healing or incomplete healing.

1 PEMF can be used as an adjuvant physical therapy to fasten the union of the fracture. Beneficial effects of PEMF have also been observed in the healing of soft-tissues (tissue surrounding bone e.g. muscles, tendon, ligament, cartilage); suppression of inflammation, pain relief and facilitating motion in various musculoskeletal disorders. 2 Research work done on PEMF and bone healing US National Library of Medicine, maintained by the National Institute of Health, is a comprehensive online database that stores the research works published in reputed international journals. A search using keyword “PEMF bone” resulted in 159 articles, among which 70 articles were discussing the research commenced on human volunteers. Few important articles are discussed here.

1. Study of PEMF in patients with delay in union of tibial fracture (fracture of leg bone) 3 In this study, 44 patients (average age of 50 years) were involved. The patients were sufferings from delay in tibial fracture healing with conventional plasters. All the patients received PEMF therapy for 3 hours daily. At the end of 36 months, fractures were healed completely in 34 patients (77.4% of total population). The minimum time required for fracture union was 8 months and maximum time was 36 months. Probability of fracture union was higher with longer duration of therapy. The authors concluded that PEMF is an effective therapy for the patients not having fracture healing with conventional plasters.

2. Study of PEMF in cervical fusion 4 Cervical fusion or cervical spinal fusion is a type of surgery that is used to join two adjacent vertebrates for a variety of reasons like neck pain due to compressed cervical nerve root, injury, misalignment of vertebrates, etc. During cervical fusion surgery, a bone graft is attached to the vertebrates, which further facilitates fusion of the two vertebrates. The effect of PEMF therapy on the outcome of cervical fusion was evaluated in 323 patients with neck pain. Among them, PEMF therapy was given to 163 patients and remaining 160 patients did not receive PEMF therapy. After the 6 months from the surgery, more than 83% patients receiving PEMF therapy showed successful fusion; whereas the successful fusion rate in the patients not receiving PEMF therapy was only 68.6%. At the end of 12 months, fusion rate was 92.8% in the PEMF group compared to 86.7% in the non PEMF group. Thus, PEMF was found to be effective in fastening the growth of bone graft used in cervical fusion surgery.

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